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Creating Your Custom Barndominium Floor Plans

Do you have a barn you’d like to convert into a living space? Perhaps you’d like a newly constructed barndominium. Have you been looking at “off-the-shelf,” pre-made barndominium floor plans? Why not go custom?
At American Barndominiums Floor Plans, we design barndominium floor plans customized for each client. Our floor plan designers will work closely with you to ensure a perfect fit for your aesthetic, lifestyle, taste, and desired uses. If you’re converting an existing structure, such as a barn, we will work with the existing space and features.

While contracting an architect to design a floor plan can be quite expensive, getting custom barndominium floor plans from us at American Barndominiums Floor Plans could be the better solution.

Planning Your Barndominium

Whether you want to convert an existing building space into your home or you’d like a new construction, we can provide a design package for you to bid out to several building contractors. We’re happy to partner with your chosen builders to bring your vision to life!

Converting an Existing Structure Into Your Barndominium

Designing a New Barndominium Construction

If you’re building from scratch, metal-building homes built as barndominiums can offer sturdy construction with full customization options, including siding, flooring materials, style, lighting and appliance installation, and more.

Barndominiums with steel construction can withstand Colorado’s most extreme weather more affordably per square foot than many other home construction materials. You and your family will stay safe and comfortable through heavy snows, high winds, and hot summers in a custom-designed and constructed barndominium.

*Requires deposit of $997

Custom Barndominium Floor Plans

Customization ensures that you will get the best utilization and satisfaction from your barndominium. You could shop pre-made house floor plans and modify them to fit your needs, but our custom barndominium floor plans at American Barndominiums Floor Plans allow you to design a spatial arrangement to fit your needs from the foundation up. Not only that, but the process will save you time and money.

When you order a  barndominium floor plan from our custom floor plan designers, you are able to not only customize your plans, but you have the expertise of our talented team at American Barndominiums Floor Plans at your fingertips throughout the entire construction process.
Our designers have worked on homes, farmhouses, offices, workshops, and more. We can work with your builders, contribute our experience to solve problems, and enhance your ideas to achieve the best results.

*Requires deposit of $997

The Planning Process

Step 1

We custom-tailor each of our custom barndominium floor plans to meet your needs following an initial one-on-one consultation. We usually set up a Zoom discovery call to hear about your vision and your property’s space, getting details and specifications for your project.

Step 2

Next, we’ll create a preliminary design for your barndominium, and we’ll go back and forth with you as you make suggestions and we add additional features. It’s an iterative process until we get it exactly the way you want it.

Step 3

Once you’ve approved the draft of your custom barndominium floor plans from our design team, we’ll prepare the plans in a package you can then shop out to contractors for bids.

What’s In Our Design Packages?


Interior barndominium 3D model “walkthroughs”

Structural drawings and HVAC plans


Electrical mapping


Plumbing drawings


Construction drawing package


Foundation plans

Why Choose Us?

Frankly, you’ll never get the same level of customization or utilization from pre-made floor plans as with a personalized custom design from our designers at American Barndominiums Floor Plans. We have provided custom floor plans for clients in multiple states for over 12 years with 100% customer satisfaction. Be sure to browse our gallery of projects we’ve worked on.
With custom floor plans, you can:

Barndominium Plans and Pricing

Every client order for our barndominium floor plans is different, and pricing varies based on several factors. Many clients find it surprising that ordering custom barndominium home plans is much more affordable than they originally expected.

We base our pricing on the complexity of the project. After our initial discovery call, when we find out the scope of your needs, we can quote you a price for our floor plans.

Our custom barndominium floor plans can optionally include:


Our barndominium design firm has been in business designing custom barndominium floor plans for over 12 years in multiple states with 100% customer satisfaction.

As we design for your specific property, we will make sure to align our plans to meet your local municipality’s building codes. 

If your municipality requires that you have a licensed architect or engineer approve the plans, you will need to find a local professional to review our design package for approval.

Yes, we’re happy to design houses that include large shop areas. In fact, a very popular style for barndominium floor plans features an open-concept living area with high ceilings attached to an oversized shop area.
Yes, we can help you create a new floorplan to turn an existing structure on your farm into a farmhouse for living quarters. Alternatively, we can work with you to design a new barndominium farmhouse construction from the ground up and locate it on your favorite site on the farm.

The sky is the limit when designing your interior barndominium floor plans. We can design something as simple or as complex as you need to meet your needs, whether that’s for a home, farmhouse, apartments, offices, workshop, or anything else.

Our floor plan designers can help you design:

  • Multi-story homes or lofts
  • Modern kitchens with smart integration
  • Custom flooring options, including stained concrete, stone, or hardwood
  • The layout that best matches your lifestyle or business operations
  • Decorative windows, glass walls, and sliding wall panels or rolling doors to open the interior to the outdoors
  • Rustic finishes or modern upgrades
  • And anything else that can turn your barndominium into a home

We typically use Zoom for our discovery calls with new clients. One of our experienced floor plan designers is ready to work in partnership with you to design the perfect floor plan to suit your needs.

During the discovery call, we will listen to you to discover your vision and get more details and design specifications for your project. We will also answer any questions you have about the design process. We want you to feel comfortable knowing that we will come back to you throughout the process to confirm details and keep you informed about our progress on your design.

We will also discuss a prospective timeline. We’re able to make more changes for clients the longer the deadline. However, if you need your floor plans in a shorter time frame, we’ll be sure to get as close as possible to your ideal barndominium with our first draft.

Admittedly, you can shop house floor plans available from many companies and then modify them to your liking. Some providers even allow you to modify existing plans on their website before purchasing them. 

However, you won’t get the option to personalize your space from the ground up without a custom barndominium floor plan design.

Have you ever bought a pre-built home and wondered why the contractor designed a closet door to open inward or chose a small galley kitchen for a 3+ bedroom home? With full customization, you can ensure that you get exactly what you want, down to the last carpet tack.

We Can’t Wait to Help You Design Your Dream Home!

With custom barndominium floor plans from our design team at American Barndominiums Floor Plans, your next home can become your dream home. Call us today at (403) 702-5504 or contact us online to discuss your barndominium project and schedule your discovery call!

*Requires deposit of $997