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The Round Rock Floor Plan

  • Living Space:
    2100 sq. ft.
  • Shop Space:
    2100 sq. ft.
  • Porches & Other:
    2978 sq. ft.
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
2 Floors
5 Space Garage

Barndo Style


Family-friendly barndominiums are like super cool homes that are perfect for families. They have lots of space so everyone can have their own room, and there’s plenty of room for playing games and hanging out together. You’ll find kid-friendly features like big yards for running around, and sometimes even cool spots for swings and slides. Inside, these barndominiums are comfy and cozy, with room for family movie nights and fun sleepovers with friends. So, if you have a close-knit family and want a place where everyone can be happy, family-friendly barndominiums are the way to go!


Entertainment/Hosting barndominiums are like the coolest places to have fun with your friends and family. These barndominiums are designed for having awesome parties and gatherings. They have big open spaces where you can play games, dance, and laugh together. There’s often a fancy kitchen and dining area for serving yummy food and drinks. And if you have guests staying over, they’ll have comfy places to sleep. So, if you love having friends over for fun times or want a place where everyone can celebrate special moments, these barndominiums are like party central!


The Round Rock Floor Plan

Plan Details


Welcome to the Round Rock Barndominium Floor Plan – a true masterpiece in modern country living. Nestled in a serene and picturesque setting, this 2,100 square feet family home invites you to explore the perfect fusion of contemporary design and rustic charm. Whether you’re seeking a spacious family retreat or an idyllic weekend escape, the Round Rock Barndominium promises an exceptional living experience.

Key Features:

Generous Space: Spanning 2,100 square feet of thoughtfully designed living space, this floor plan offers an abundance of room to create your dream lifestyle. The 2,100 square feet of garage space is a haven for car enthusiasts, hobbyists, or those in need of ample storage. Additionally, nearly 3,000 square feet of inviting porches and awnings extend the living area, blurring the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Open Concept Living: Step inside and be greeted by the awe-inspiring open-concept design. The expansive family room boasts lofted ceilings that create an airy ambiance, while an abundance of oversized windows welcomes the warm embrace of natural light into every corner of your home.

Outdoor Paradise: A home should be a retreat, and the Round Rock Barndominium takes that concept to heart with its wrap-around porch. This outdoor oasis invites you to savor sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between. Imagine sipping your morning coffee as you listen to the birdsong, or hosting unforgettable gatherings with friends and family in this inviting space.

Smart Design: Every detail of this floor plan has been meticulously thought out. The three bedrooms offer ample space and privacy for the entire family. The two well-appointed bathrooms feature modern fixtures and finishes. The kitchen, complete with an island bar, is a focal point for culinary creativity, and the pantry ensures that you’ll always have storage space for your culinary adventures. Abundant closet and storage spaces throughout the home cater to your practical needs.

Unique Basement: For those considering a sloped build site, the Round Rock Barndominium is the perfect solution. The inclusion of a basement with a garage and covered parking not only maximizes usable space but also provides a seamless transition to challenging topographies.

Foundation Plan: A sturdy foundation is the bedrock of any exceptional home. Rest assured, the Round Rock Barndominium Floor Plan includes a comprehensive foundation plan, ensuring a stable and secure structure for years to come.


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20-40 2D/3D Renderings

Imagine having a treasure chest of options! While others give you only a handful of blueprints, we give you up to 20 amazing ones! That means you have more chances to find the perfect one that fits your family and lifestyle just right.


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When you choose us, you gain access to a network of trusted and experienced contractors who are ready to bring your dream to life. We'll help match you with a contractor who specializes in barndominium construction, ensuring that your project is in capable hands from start to finish.



The Round Rock Floor Plan