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We're not like the rest – we're here to show you why we're the top choice for your barndominium dreams. This is how we show you how your dream of owning a beautiful, custom barndominium is 100% possible and how it'll come to life!

More Choices

Imagine having a treasure chest of options! While others give you only a handful of blueprints, we give you up to 20 amazing ones! That means you have more chances to find the perfect one that fits your family and lifestyle just right.

3D Magic

You know those cool 3D movies? Well, we offer up to 40 3D-accurate pictures of your future barndominium! It's like seeing your dream home before it's even built. That's a lot more than what others usually offer.

Expertly Designed

Our floor plans are more than just lines and shapes; they're the result of expert craftsmanship. Designed by professionals with years of experience, each plan is a work of art, tailored to perfection.


Ready To Roll

Here's the big one – all our floor plans are 100% ready for action. That means they're good to go for builders and contractors right out of the box. No stress, no fuss - just excitement to build your dream home!

Value For Money

You work hard for your money, and we respect that. We believe in giving you the best value for everything you're getting. With us, you get more blueprints, more 3D magic, and more readiness – all without breaking the bank!


No Hidden Costs

The best part? When you choose American Barndominium Floor Plans, there are no sneaky extra costs after your purchase. It's simple - just find a contractor and start building. No surprises, just your dream coming true.

We Beat The Competition At Every Turn


up to $7000

missing components

up to $4000

missing components

up to $3100

missing components


up to $1795

missing components

up to $900

missing components



$2997 $997


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Construction Kick-off Call
Construction Drawings


5 - 12

6 - 14

6 - 14

8 - 10

2D/3D Renders

20 - 40

10 - 20

10 - 20

10 - 20

10 - 20

3D Walk-through
Contractor Pool
Cost Value*


$1995 - $7000

$1300 - $4000

$1400 - $3100

$600 - $1795